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Based on reliable information that I got from Wikipedia, DVD stands for Digital Versatile Disc which is a kind of optical discs that can be used to store data, including movies with video and audio quality better than VCD quality. At the beginning DVD stands for Digital Video Disc, but some people want the stands changed to Digital Versatile Disc, which means digital versatile discs, the intent and purpose of renaming is intended to make clear that this format is not just for video only. Because of consensus between the two parties can not be achieved, now its official name is the DVD only, and letters - letters officially not an abbreviation of anything.

With the presence of multifunctional storage medium such as a DVD, this time many there are several companies that make sales data through CDs and DVDs. It aims to make data transfer easier given up the goal. In Indonesia there are now reliable and most comprehensive site that provides a wide range of DVDs that contain software among computer devices such as: Games, Software, Ebook Tutorials and Video Tutorials. Complete DVD Center website provides quality DVDs are sold at relatively cheap and affordable price. The contents of the DVD is also varied, ranging from Original Data to data generated from Copy Paste.

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