Nissan X-Trail Mobil SUV Tangguh dan Sporty Terbaik


The automotive industry is growing rapidly, it is characterized by the emergence of a vehicle by carrying the latest round shape and technology. Various companies are competing to the automotive industry - the race to publish the latest innovations that are expected to boost the interest of buyers to switch to the products they offer. Call it a car, a vehicle that is average - average has a fan with the middle and upper economic circles. Of the various kinds of latest vehicles turned out to Nissan X-Trail Mobil SUV Tangguh dan Sporty Terbaik start to show up in the competitive arena of sports cars and family cars. Let not curious what are the benefits of this car, go ahead let us consider a review of the Nissan X-Trail follows.

For fans of Japanese car manufacturers, of course, familiar with the name of Nissan cars. That is a multinational automobile manufacturer formerly known commercially under the name Datsun until 1983. Currently, Nissan has established itself as the sixth largest automobile manufacturer in the world behind Toyota, General Motors, Volkswagen AG, Hyundai Motor Group, and Ford. One type of luxury car featured in the production Nissan also is Car Infiniti. And the achievement was also followed with the best ratings in the category of the Nissan VQ engine, which is located on the 10th line of Ward's best engine version for 14 consecutive years.

Indonesia's national car experts argue that the production of Nissan have entered the country since the 60s and is still using the name Datsun. However, due to the global crisis in 1998, Nissan also affected. Based on this, Nissan finally decided to establish a joint cooperation Reanult French company in order to increase production joint venture. And finally, in 2001 stood PT. Nissan Motor Indonesia and Indomobil-Nissan currently has more than 70 dealers throughout Indonesia. Even Nissan also has had Assembly Plant in industrial areas such as in Karawang - West Java.