Krakatau Steel Peduli Masyarakat


Krakatau Steel Peduli Masyarakat - Having a large scale multi-national companies are even able menmbus International markets are ideals - ideals of each company. Many ways in the history of the founding of the company's long journey in pursuit improvement in every sector of industry, in order to achievement and confidence in the competitive arena of trade industry. Not a bit of a failure, bankrupt or out of business. But many names - the name of a big company in Indonesia which is successful to date put themselves in the ranks of the country's leading industries, such as PT. Krakatau Steel. To learn more about what this company, I have summarized the following brief review of the presence in Indonesia.

Starting from the idea that Bung Karno proclaimed in the 1960s who wanted in awakening the project of making steel in the archipelago finally through the notion Stand PT Krakatau Steel ten years later. The reason this company awakening is a concrete manifestation of the sons and daughters of the nation's willingness to establish a national industry that had been halted because of the country's economy. By thinking long Indonesian young architects to create the biggest and most reliable steel production ended on 31 August 1970 at the company resmikanlah by President Soeharto. With the agenda resume delayed development and take advantage of legacy facilities Trikora Iron Steel Project've long neglected. To support the effectiveness of employees participated Krakatau Steel also established the Primary Cooperative Employees Krakatau Steel (PRIMKOKAS) which was officially approved by the Department of Legal Cooperation of the Republic of Indonesia on December 26, 1979 as stipulated by the Decree Law Firm Number: 6987 / BH / DK- 10/6. The purpose of the establishment of this cooperative is a unifying goal of the equalization of employees in meeting their needs.

PT Krakatau Steel through moto Krakatau Steel Peduli Masyarakat is slowly starting to show its existence. They were able to boost populeritas in Indonesia to continue to develop various industrial facilities such as Factory Sponge Iron, Factory Billet Steel Plant Stem Wire, as well as infrastructure facilities such as power plants, program water purification, establishing Port Cigading and managed to put his name to the first and the - Integrated steel only company in the archipelago.